True leadership is defined by courage and determination to do the right thing especially when you are entrusted with great responsibility.

Africa as a continent is the biggest charitable benefactor of donations in the world. There continues to be growing concern about how funds are used and managed to achieve the prescribed impact. It is with this background as an organization we want to lead in the global charity space especially in Africa by transitioning to a decentralized autonomous organization. As a DAO, we believe that funds we receive will be more transparently managed and utilized for the greatest possible long-term impact to spread, educate and see the overall adoption of blockchain technology in Africa.

To ensure that all African nations are represented and have equal opportunity to have both voting and staking power, I am proud to announce the United African Blockchain Association. As a united front, we comprise of representation of all the major African states with advisory consultation from all the major governments as well. In addition, we want to be a global example of the power of blockchain thus in becoming our own case study we are a living and breathing representation of the true meaning of the technology we believe in!

Yaliwe Soko
Chairwoman United Africa Blockchain Association