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The United Africa Blockchain Association (UABA) is a non-profit organization  that has been set up to promote the comprehensive adoption of blockchain technology across the public and private sectors in Africa and also partners with other blockchain organizations and associations in delivering blockchain projects across the African continent.


The United Africa Women in Blockchain and AI. UAWBA is an initiative of The United Africa Blockchain Association to educate and equip women on the fourth industrial revolution. Our main objective is to bring together women from all walks of life through networking and educative events.


The United Africa Blockchain Association focus on delivering blockchain projects geared to impacting millions in Africa. For this cause, we have design a model known as Train the trainers programme as a startup towards achieving this goal.


our mission

The mission of the UABA is To unify the African blockchain ecosystem toward 8 common goals of harmonious coexistence and progress which are education, financial inclusion, sovereign identity, skills development, job creation, gender equality, fair and efficient trade, poverty  alleviation.



Train the Trainer
The United Africa Blockchain Association focuses on delivering Blockchain projects geared to impact the learners in Africa. For this cause, we have designed a model known as Train the trainers in Blockchain programme as a startup towards achieving the goal of reaching 1 Million People.

The Trainer


It’s the ultimate event for learning/hacking/networking with your peers from the crypto community. You are an expert or beginner with interest in Bitcoin, Ethereum or other blockchain projects BAA Hackathon is the event you really don’t want to miss. You will have fun building stuff…



The course is meant for individuals evaluating the option of being an entrepreneur or have decided to be an entrepreneur or are in the early stage of their Blockchain Startup Venture. The Workshop covers setting up a company to sell blockchain enabled (Product or software, retail shops, restaurants…


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Membership in a UABA Alliance to Advance Blockchain Technology and Use Cases

Advisors and Ambassadors will have their individual photo, bio and link added to the respective UABA website page

Non-Profits and Partners will have their corporate logos and link added to the respective UABA website page

Use of the UABA logo on corporate member websites where permitted

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Blockchain Certifications

Privileged access to meet, connect, network, learn, collaborate and partner with fellow Members

Lead and participate in UABA Working Groups on global, national and regional initiatives in blockchain policy, governance, regulation, education, networking, events and more

Speaking opportunities at leading, world-wide blockchain events from our Event Partners

Networking opportunities via free event passes from our blockchain Event Partners

Access and contribute to the UABA Blog

Introduction opportunities to our world-wide blockchain contacts

Membership discounts for Partner employees

Promotion opportunities for Partner events, education and news

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Board of Directors



Anita Mukuchamano
Anita Mukuchamano
Executive/ Personal Assistant to Chairperson
Larry Mwansa
Larry Mwansa
Public Relations Manager
Shepherd Morena
Shepherd Morena
Community Development Manager. A blockchain Technology enthusiast and a Student

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